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Welcome To SlackerCraft!

[Owner] dabugz Admin posted Jun 14, 13
 Welcome all Slackers! Join the Fun!


[Owner] dabugz Admin posted Feb 14, 14
 We will be changing server hosts shortly. The server was backed up from midnight Thursday night. That was the last save until the new server is running. Sometime this weekend the current server will be open for destroying stuff. Anything accumulated or built will be no good. This is not a bad thing. Just dont invest any time into anything at this point.  Thank you.
[NoTag] Irish116 when is the server going to be back up?!
[Chill] declanwoof7 is the server being switched now? because it says offline?
[Chill] joey181 when will the swap be done??? i havn't been on cuz i lagg soooooooooo much at the moment!!! any news about when it will ...
For winning the first Survival Challenge!

He toughed out the game on Hard mode, beat the Ender Dragon and has won a free Rank Upgrade!

Sign ups for next weeks Survival Challenge start tonight!
[NoTag] dittyb I'm a little late but good job
[Chill] joey181 yea congrats tho!!!
[NoTag] RuairiFallon Congratulations DarkEonMaster.
Well, let's find out!

We a pure SURVIVAL server. We will hold sign-ups every 2 weeks and start the challenge every other Sunday.

The object of the Survival server is to not only survive, but to beat the game! You will have 1 week to accomplish this. The first person to beat the Ender Dragon, place a sign at the top of one of the towers with their name on it and post a thread stating that you have completed the challenge, wins a rank upgrade! (If a Super Psychedelic should win, then we will give you $50 worth of your choice of items from the donation shop.)

To make it fair for everyone, there is only 1 permission given to all players. That permission is the ability to use GriefPrevention. There is NO /sethome, /tp, /warp, /spawn, /fly, etc. All you can do is protect your area that you will be using to mine, build, store and prepare for your fight with the Ender Dragon once you reach The End. THAT IS IT! And since we are awesome, we are being nice to you and we have turned PVP OFF, so you don't have to fear being killed by someone else. Though aggressive mobs will still kill you.

Each week, the map will be thrown away and a new one generated, so no one will ever have an advantage of knowing where things are each time. If no one wins within the 1 week time frame, no one wins the rank upgrade that week and the map will be regenerated.

To sign up, go to the Contests forum.

Good luck!
[NoTag] GoRaVen LOVE THIS SERVER.... but guys can someone please help me find the pvp arena on this server....does it even have one????
[Chill] bagg1ns okay dokey
[Chill] DarkEonMaster I May not Be the Best, but I sure will Try My Best! ...
Awesome G00tch! And since I have been on the server for a few years, I'm certainly going to donate! Hey? What can I say? This is my favorite server! I just wonder if purapine and pumpkin still go on slackercraft... Good friends.
thats great g00thc :)
My grandma is doing a lot better, but still needs regular care. I'll be back very soon to work on the server swap. Gimme a week or 2 tops. Appreciate all the support for my grandma, and thanks for the loyalty to the server :)
Well...a host switch doesnt take 2 months or 1.5 months :p
FINALLY! Thank you GreiferSlayer :)
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